Why I will never buy another computer… I think

Few things come along that can change the way I “compute”, if you can call it that anymore.

However, during the past Memorial Day weekend, I bought a small Logitech keyboard to go with my iPad mini and have been loving every minute of using it.  The problem I formerly had of needing a WiFi connection for using my Macbook Air on the road is no longer.  Forget hotspotting even.  This keyboard lets me turn my iPad into a true computer with a physical keyboard that is off-screen.

It can go on the road in my backpack or stay at home on my desktop.  I can send print jobs wirelessly to a nearby printer if needed.  What’s more, I now have a touchscreen monitor by the nature of what an iPad is.  If I didn’t have a cable, internet, phone bundle at home ripping me off already, I could get by just fine with going back to just a cellular contract, since the data/internet all comes through my iPhone account with AT&T now.

Even as I wrote much of this blog entry, riding in a car down a country road in upstate New York, it’s as easy as pie.  I would encourage more providers and anyone else out there to make life simpler and get a portable keyboard for their iPad.  The Logitech one is nice and fits the iPad mini well.  It even folds shut, making the bundle slim and sleek, able to slip into a backpack or briefcase in a snap.  And it weighs little more than the iPad itself.

I don’t think I would need a computer again.  My iPad IS my computer now.  I’m sure this sounds like old news to some, but it finally hit me.