First Doctor Fired For EHR Incompetence?

Hot off the news presses is an intriguing story of a Lincoln, Nebraska doc who has been put on administrative leave for apparently not adapting well to a new EHR system.  As one can read into the story Lincoln doctor, Memorial Health Clash Over Electronic Records, there is probably more to the issue than either side is letting on at this point.  However, this story made me think about whether some old dogs will just not be willing or able to learn new tricks.

It boggles (thank you Jennifer!)  the mind that a board-certified medical doctor would not be able to figure out a new way of efficiently charting in order to maintain their workflow, of course after a learning-curve period.  Other doctors in the organization obviously were able to do so effectively, otherwise the doctor in question wouldn’t be the only one in hot water.

I wonder how often this will come up in the brave new world of EMRs and why he wasn’t able to hack it.  In my opinion, if you can type an email to someone, then you should be able to type in a brief patient note.  It’s really not much different.  I wonder what exactly the hospital administrators are expecting from their staff.  Some is clearly amiss somewhere in the details here.

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